“Ilaje is for fairness and justice. It’s an agreeable decision between Ilaje and Ese-Odo that one local government will not produce the Deputy Governor at the same time produce the House of Reps member.

In 2019, Ese-Odo was the Deputy Governor at the same time wanted to produce Houses Reps member but Ilaje people across parties voted against the decision. Now that Ilaje is the Deputy Governor, conventionally, the House of Reps seat has be conceded to Ese-Odo”. Ilaje Major Stakeholders declared.”

The 4th term ambition of the House of Representatives member representing Ilaje/Ese-Odo Federal Constituency, Hon Kolade Akinjo, has suffered serious set back in Ilaje Local Government where he hails from.

Stakeholders in Ilaje Local government area of Ondo state have promised to throw thier weight behind Hon. Donald Ojogo, the APC candidate vying for House of Representatives, Ilaje/Ese-Odo Federal Constituency.

They made this known recently at the stakeholders meeting
in Akure, the capital city of Ondo State.

They said, “it is very important for Ilaje people to continue in the traits they have been generally acknowledged to possess. Ilaje is known for equity, fairness and justice”.

They further opined that it’s an agreeable facts and decisions between ILAJE & ESE- ODO that one Local Government will not produce the Deputy Governor, and, at the same time produce the House of Representatives member.

This agreement was demonstrated and exhibited in 2019 when Hon. Agboola Ajayi from Ese-Odo Local Government was the Deputy Governor, and, at the same time wanted Ese-Odo to produce House of Representatives member. The concerned leaders and stakeholders across the federal constituency rose against the decision and ensured that Hon. Kolade Akinjo from the opposition PDP won the election. It was a collective efforts across political parties that produced AKINJO in the last 2019 election. Unfortunately, the decision which worked in favour of Akinjo in 2019 is now working against him in 2023 because the Deputy Governor seat has been ceded to Ilaje Local Government which automatically ceded House of Reps seat to Ese-Odo Local Government.

The SLOGAN everywhere now is that ‘NO TO AKINJO’S 4TH TERM’.

“Ilajes are known for fairness and justice which was demonstrated in 2019 House of Reps election. Of course, we have advised Akinjo not to squander his resources on the mission dead on arrival but if he chooses to waste the resources he has been saving for the past 16years or thereabouts, so be it”.

“We understand that he (Akinjo) has acquired much wealth as Personal Assistant and Special Assistant to former president Olusegun Obasanjo, and as a 3-times House of Representatives member, so, if he chooses to spend the money for the people, we have no choice than to encourage our people to start milking him in a fast lane. We will encourage our people to start pretending to be supporting him with the aim of collecting what belong to them because he has used the positions to acquire much properties and investments in and outside Nigeria at the detriment of the people”.

“As regards the commentaries of both Banji Okunomo and Jossy Ehinmore, they can both testify to the deceitful mannerisms of KOLADE AKINJO, who is an expert in CAUSING DELIBERATE MISUNDERSTANDINGS BETWEEN HIMSELF AND HIS BENEFACTORS any time he assumes position which both were victims”.

“Now that another election is approaching, Akinjo had sent his kinsmen to settle the deliberate dispute he personal caused among himself, Banji Okunomo and Jossy Ehinmore. Sadly, Okunomo and Ehinmore had recently confided in their followers to retaliate and squander Akinjo’s resources, and that, they will not allow AKINJO to exploit their brains and destinies again.
Both of them believed that if AKINJO looses now, it will definitely pave way for them to contest when next House of Representatives comes to Ilaje Local Government”.

“The latest revelation is that AKINJO is surrounded with fake prophets like Ahab in the bible – 1King 22”.

Ilajes are looking beyond House of Representatives, hence, charged Kolade Akinjo to drop his ambition for the general interest of Ilaje nation”.

“Ilaje people have been so kind to Kolade Akinjo, it’s time to move up. Akinjo has been supported as Personal Assistant and Special Adviser to the former Pesident Olusegun Obasanjo for 8 years.

“Again, Akinjo was firstly elected to complete the tenure of late Hon. Groovy Nomiye, and later elected for another 8 years. Now he wants to go for 4th terms of 12 years. The prayer of every Ilaje is that any of the two constituencies can produce the next Governor of Ondo State, but any process that can work against this expectation of Ilaje nation, will be rebuked vehemently by Ilaje people. If Ilaje wishes to produce House of Representatives, definitely, it will not be Kolade Akinjo this time around”.

“People are tired of cosmetic gifts of Keke-Napep, Okada, etc”.

“People are already exposed to his gimmicks and mannerisms of changing slogans to entice people at every election period”.

“Ilajes will cry to God to frustrate every and any selfish ambition that will cause them to loose the 2024 Governorship”.

The professionals from Ilaje Local Government have unanimously agreed to begin door-to-door winnable strategies to ensure Donald Ojogo’s victory in the forthcoming 2023 House of Representatives election in Ilaje/Ese-Odo Federal Constituency”.

“We will ensure that the choice of the good people of Ilaje and Ese-Odo Local Governments for House of Reps, Hon. Donald Ojogo becomes victorious in the 2023 general elections”. Ilaje Major Stakeholders decided.

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