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Residents in Agony over abandoned Oda road project

by Roving

Residents of Oda road in Akure South Local Government Area of Ondo State, have appealed to the state government to expedite action on construction of the road.

They lamented over poor condition of the road, which has become difficult for movement of vehicles.

This is certainly not the best of time for residents of Oda road as they are confronted with the challenge of plying a poor road on daily basis.

Mostly affected by this poor condition of the road are residents of Pelebe, Ilekun, Weliweli, Ijigba, Aye among others.

Dilapidated Oda Road

The road is dotted by deep potholes, which is making vehicular movements very difficult.

Although, the state government has dualised a section of the road, more than five-kilometre stretch is in poor shape.

A resident of the area Victor Foloki begged the state government to urgently fix the road.

According to him, many cars always break down on the road due to the portholes that have taken over every portion of the road.

“I don’t even know if we have a commissioner of works in this state again. He is not alive to his responsibilities. He abandoned the Oda road project and has now shifted his attention to the Onyearugbulem/Shagari Flyover.

“It is sad that we have found ourselves in this situation. The road is damaging our cars everyday. In a week, you must visit a mechanic workshop twice to fix your car.

“We don’t know our offences in Oda that made government abandon us. I can’t imagine how we will be able to cope when schools resume”.

Another Resident, Amos Idowu described the situation as extremely bad, wondering why government is insensitive to the plights of Oda community.

“How long will it take government to complete the road construction. Now the road is a total mess and we say we have a commissioner manning the Ministry of works.

“All they do in that ministry is to tar roads in areas where politicians, friends and families live, leaving people like us to suffer.

“The commissioner should tell us what we have done that he has abandoned us. We are begging him to please focus on Oda and lessen our sufferings.

“We are part of the state and attention should be given to Oda. For now, if they know that they can’t complete the road, they should fill the potholes and make it motorable.

“Apart from visiting mechanic every week, we also wash our cars daily.

“The commissioner should do the needful and stop pretending that all is well in Oda”, he stated.

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