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Wife Battery: Aiyedatiwa’s Wife’s Silence confirms allegation – Analyst

by Roving

An Akure based Teacher and Public Affairs Analyst, Mrs Toyin Adegbenro had said the silence of Mrs Seun Aiyedatiwa, wife of the embattled deputy governor of Ondo State, Lucky Aiyedatiwa is an indication that the wife battery allegation against the deputy governor could be true.

She asked the Deputy Governor to urgently clear himself of the allegation of wife battery leveled against him by the State House of Assembly.

The House of Assembly in its Notice to the deputy Governor under Allegation Nine stated that:”That Honourable Lucky Orimisan Aiyedatiwa, being the holder of the office of Deputy Governor of Ondo State on or about the
4 of June, 2023 assaulted and influenced bodily harm on your spouse Mrs. Oluwaseun Ayedatiwa
contrary to section 20(1) of the Violence against
persons (prohibition) Law of Ondo State, 2020 which amount ot gross misconduct.

A group, Society for Women Empowerment (SWE) had accused the deputy governor of assaulting his wife.

National Coordinator of the group, Mrs Damilola Charles accused the deputy governor of repeatedly beating his wife in the presence of his staff and friends.

Charles said “wife beating is a civil rights problem of enormous magnitude, the campaign on violence against women must be applicable to elected officers in the country.

Speaking on Adaba FM program on Wednesday, Mrs Adegbenro said she was worried as a woman over the wife battery allegations against the deputy Governor.

Speaking on the allegations, She said:”As a woman too, i saw one there about himself and his wife, beating up his wife. That to me is a No No.

“If i am a wife of a man, a man who has risen to this level of deputy Governor and such allegations are being brought, levelled against him, if these allegations are wrong, no matter where i am on the face of the earth, i will be back to show my face to let the whole world know that what you have said about this man who is my husband is totally wrong.

“I will be back to stand by him, to keep the people talking about it quiet, to show that this is an unfounded rumour but where is she today? As it is always said that silence sometimes mean consent. So when she has stayed away for this long, she hasn’t been personally around to refute it, then i will want to assume that those rumours are just mere rumours, they are actually truth that are being said.

“So it is one of the allegations against him that he needs to clear too because as much as we see men out there that are doing it and we condemn it, as a number two man in the state, he’s supposed to lay examples to other people.

“It is totally wrong of him to beat up his wife. It is something even the woman fold will not even stand for. You remember the Oba of Akure that was deposed of his crown the other time, what cost him of the throne was something of this nature, beating up his wife.

“So if the House of Assembly has that as one of the allegations then he has to prove beyond reasonable doubt that these things they are talking about is probably fallacious, that there is nothing of such.”

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