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Impeachment: Paying Youths to protest against Aiyedatiwa, laughable – Johnson

by Roving

I was shocked beyond imagination when I heard over the news, sponsored by some individuals on an FM station in Akure, that 100s of youths from across three (3) senatorial districts of Ondo State protested in support of the Impeachment of the Deputy Governor, H. E. Lucky Aiyedatiwa.

It’s so sad that at this jet age, some uninformed youths will be paid to stage a protest in support of the move of certain selfish and greedy individual who has further impoverished and mortgaged their future for piece meal. Sincerely speaking, if one were to be realistic, he will know that Ondo is fast becoming one of the worst states in the South West. 

One would ordinarily expect that with the income from the FGN to this state including being an oil producing state, coupled with the revenue we have, that Ondo State will be one of the best in the South West. Unfortunately, the likes of Ekiti and Osun that are not oil producing states are still fairing better than  Our State.

Alabi Johnson

Education is in comatose, Bursary and scholarships for undergraduates are things of the past, Agricultural sector is in shambles, no single good road across the state, corruption is at its peak than ever recorded in this state.

These so called Youths are an embarrassment to the society! How could someone reason in his /her brain that the innocent man who has not hurt anyone is the one being referred to as the one fuelling embers of war in the state? 

I’m not even sure, they saw the watery and unsubstantiated allegations against the Deputy Governor prepared by a state House of Assembly.

It’s shameful! One of the allegations was that “he had issue with his wife” and that he squandered 100m from LG account. Very funny!  The burden of proof is on the accuser. All the 15 allegations are unsubstantiated. They are only working their mathematics from the answer to the question instead of the other way round.

It’s unfortunate that these youths pretended not to know that Aketi has been away for 4 months and hasn’t returned until date. If he claims otherwise let him address the Ondo people by tomorrow.

This is a man that has taken the state for a ride and cares less about anybody except, you are from Owo. In the Cabinet of the state of about 18 members, there are 6 members from Owo. Is this how things should be? Should anyone not have enough courage to point to these? Why has he decided to fuel the embers of war where there’s none? 

Ordinarily speaking, one would think that Aketi will return and kick the ground running to cover for the lost period. Rather than looking into the yearnings of the people, he’s talking about impeachment of his Deputy! How will that positively affect the economy of the state? How will that bring food to the table of the common man? 

As I speak, most, if not all the road constructions, he flagged off to mark his first year in office, about six(6) years ago are yet to get to fifty(50%) percent. Is he planning to abandon them? Is it his Deputy that stopped him from completing those road constructions?

This man should be thoroughly warned not to stand on the heads of the Ondo people, as that would amount to stepping on the tail of a snake!

So let these so called Youths go and bury their heads in shame with their pay masters!

Enough is Enough.

I’m Alabi Johnson

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