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Seven health benefits of zobo drink (Hibiscus tea) you may not know about

by Roving

Zobo, sometimes referred to as hibiscus tea, is one of the most well-known drinks that has its roots in Nigeria. 

It is produced from dried Roselle leaves or Hibiscus sabdariffa leaves. 

For most people, zobo is seen as a typical beverage to fill your stomach, but zobo has many more benefits than that.

Elements found in zobo, such as fibre, carotene, Vitamin C, niacin, riboflavin, phosphorus, fat, thiamine, and many others, make it exceptional. Zobo has no caffeine and few calories. It is advised not to add sugar to reap its full health benefits.

Research has revealed that zobo has a range of health benefits which you will get to know in this article.  Some of the health benefits of zobo are:

1. Tackles menstrual pain

The contribution of zobo to the female reproductive system is one health benefit. Zobo is quite effective in lowering the discomfort of menstrual pain.

Zobo helps by reestablishing hormonal balance in females to reduce menstrual symptoms like overeating, mood swings, and so on.

2. Appetiser

Zobo has anti-bacterial features that work in harmony to repair your digestive system and revive your appetite because zobo is filled with nutrients such as calcium, riboflavin, iron, niacin, thiamine, and fiber, amongst others.

3. Weight loss

Zobo reduces the absorption of the two main food ingredients, which are glucose and starch, that are associated with excessive weight gain. Once glucose and starch are reduced, the weight loss process will speed up.

Zobo also prevents the body from producing amylase, which absorbs starch and carbohydrates.

4. Lowers blood pressure

Research has shown that taking zobo regularly controls high blood pressure, especially mild hypertension and pre-hypertension found in a group of adults.

This is a result of the presence of enzyme inhibitors in the hibiscus plant leaves, which reduce the production of amylase (an enzyme linked to the breakdown of starches and complex sugars). This will make the bloodstream lower after it has been inhibited.

The Roselle leaves used in the production of zobo also have anti-hypertensive properties that help control blood sugar levels.

5. Enhances liver function

The liver is of great importance in the body. This includes the breakdown of fat, the regular creation of proteins, the release of bile, and a lot more.

Research has shown that zobo enhances liver function and supports liver health promotion. It does that by lowering liver damage and fatty liver and enhancing drug detoxifying enzymes to promote liver health.

6. Enhances kidney function

Regular consumption of organic acids, which include tartaric acid, maleic acid, citric acid, and so on, is useful for dealing with kidney disease. 

Zobo drink’s acid flushes away uric and oxalic acid, which are two waste products that can cause kidney stone disease. Consuming zobo drink will assist in enhancing kidney function.

7. Prevents constipation

Zobo is loaded with powerful elements, in which fibre is one of them as earlier stated.

Fibre is a digestive system enhancer. Zobo’s high fiber content makes it healthy for preventing constipation.

Taking zobo regularly is a good option if you have constipation and are looking for a healthy solution.

Now that you are aware of these powerful health benefits of zobo, also known as hibiscus tea, it is advisable to take it on a regular basis without sugar to reap its full benefits.

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