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Impeachment: Aiyedatiwa has won the battle against injustice – Alabi

by Roving


I read an article published on Nairaland by a faceless group, where it was alleged that there is crisis in the camp of the Deputy Governor of Ondo State, H. E. Lucky Aiyedatiwa.

Unfortunately, Aiyedatiwa does not have a camp but a team of valuable, intelligent and strategic individuals who are not after money but who see injustice as an ailment that needs to be fought seriously.

It was alleged that Aiyedatiwa is angry with Prince Poroye Biyi who is the coordinator of the Aiyedatiwa team, about how monies meant for legal processes have been hiked to allow Poroye get kickback.

It is indeed laughable and a sign of defeat. As I write now, Prince Poroye is busy eating and winning together in Abuja.

On a more serious note, Prince Poroye, apart from being a strategist is a man of high integrity who fights not for money but for justice.


Since these faceless guys don’t know history, they should ask Mimiko, Jimoh Ibrahim and Akeredolu.

In 2016, when Prince Poroye and his allies fought the injustice perpetrated by the then Governor of Ondo State, Olusegun Mimiko which gave way for Akeredolu’s emergence as Governor. I think they need to go and ask Jimoh Ibrahim, how much was collected from him.

As for us as a team, we do not work for money, but for justice and equity. If you will recall that the likes of Governors Akeredolu and Elrufai fought against the cashless policy of the then Governor of CBN, Emefiele.

Because he felt it was done in bad light. It’s in a similar way we fight for the injustice meted to Lucky Aiyedatiwa. It is our belief that an injury to one is an injury to all

These guys who think they know how to write should tell us where the Governor, they gave their votes to rather than wasting their precious time on a lost battle.

As far as we are concerned, Aiyedatiwa has won this battle. So there is no cause for alarm. We are coming out victorious in this matter. God is always behind the truthful person.

Consequently, we urge this faceless group to either come out openly indicating their name(s) on their releases or remain cowardly as they are.

There’s actually no amount of intimidation that will make us to relent in our bid to get justice. All the incitement to get the Security Agencies to harass and intimidate us from launching the Ondo Liberation Movement (OLM) group will never work.

We implore all Ondo people to remain calm and law abiding as we appreciate them for standing by the truth and towing the part of justice.
The light at the end of the tunnel is in sight and victory is sure.

Alabi Johnson

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