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ZL Global Alliance blames Dirty Akure on Poor Funding, Enforcement

by Roving

Following complaints by akure residents over incessant and improper waste disposal on major streets of the Ondo State capital, the private firm in charge of the environment and waste management, ZL Global Alliance has called on the state government to intensify enforcement and monitoring to prevent recurrence.

The group managing director of the company, Dr. Abiola Bashorun while reacting in an interview with newsmen in Akure, said the company had never failed to discharge its duties in accordance with the mandates given to it by the state government.

Dr Bashorun who distanced the company from failure to ensure cleanliness and proper waste management in Akure, and other parts of the state, said lack of enforcement and monitoring on the part of government were responsible for the ceaseless littering of waste on the streets by the residents.

According to her, the failure of the state government to arrest and prosecute residents who continuously dump waste on major streets had made the situation worse.

Dr Bashorun

She described as disheartening, a situation whereby her workers would resume sweeping and clearing of waste on major streets as early as 5 O’Clock every morning, only to see traders and residents littering the streets by 8am.

Dr Bashorun also lamented that the company was not properly funded by the state government and this was another factor militating against its operation in the state.

Dr Bashorun said “this leads us to the crux of the matter. ZL Global Alliance is a private company that cannot carry out enforcement of government environmental laws. It is the duty of the Ondo State government through the Ministry of Environment and Waste Management Authority to enforce these laws and ensure the cleanliness of the state. We are going to sort this out, we wish we can carry out enforcement and monitor waste management.

She said, “Since ZL Global Alliance came into Ondo State, the company has not neglected its duties and responsibilities as explicitly spelt out in the contractual agreements with the state government, principally in the management of public waste and other matters thereto related.”

On the dump site in Akure, the GMD said there was an ongoing efforts to look into poor condition of the site.

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