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Impeachment: Alabi Slams Adesinmbo over attack against Aiyedatiwa

by Roving

Re: Akeredolu: Aiyedatiwa’s wrong Story and his failed Strategy of Peradventure by Adesinmbo Omoye

I read the article purportedly written by one paid Evangelist Adesinmbo Omoye, one of those that will not lose anything if Ondo State collapses.

He is also very versatile enough to know those who are ‘loyal’ and ‘unloyal’ to Aketi but sadly not aware that Ondo State is presently slipping into a state of anarchy as the there’s now constitutional breach in our dear state.

I have studied the scenario of the impeachment plot too tall to an elegant figure and discovered that these unguided people including Adesinmbo Omoye are more pleased in praising their pay master than that things should work well in Ondo State.

He claimed that Aketi is been back in Ondo even without appearance. I dare to challenge him to ask his pay master Aketi to sit behind the camera and address the Ondo people if indeed he’s fit. This is no longer time to pay lip service to anything. Ondo is now in comatose and in vacuum. A state without a Governor.

Who is talking about Assembly here? The state assembly has lost direction and now chasing shadows. Instead of complementing the effort of the executive to bridge the gap created by the absence of the governor, it’s unfortunately going about chasing the shadows.

I’m surprised that someone is still talking about impeachment that is long gone. It shows that Adesinmbo is not very current to know that once a case is pending in court, it cannot be discussed elsewhere.

I’m very confident that some lawmakers will go to jail if care is not taken over this matter, intimidating someone who has not committed any offense to agreeing that he has committed same.

The Court happens to be the hope of the common man. That’s where justice lies. I’m sure that this so called Evangelist was in the moon when the Governor decided to give the official Quarter of the Deputy Governor to his son to occupy and when the Deputy Governor has no official car.

As a matter of fact it’s a shame that the government of Akeredolu is very insincere, leaving and surviving on hear say. It shows the government is no longer in place. One would rather feel that these paid writer turned journalist should advice his master to resign to attend to his I’ll health rather than wanting  to invite anarchy in this state.

Our group is working on giving altimatum to the Governor if he fails to address the Ondo people soonest. The Yaraduaic instance is been set here again. Enough of ‘Ruling’ by proxy. The hunter will soon become the hunted.

Adesinmbo Omoye also claimed that Aiyedatiwa wishes Akeredolu dead, but he failed to mention to the public when Aiyedatiwa exposed his life to danger and gave his only bulletproof car to Akeredolu while he was using ordinary car.

Adesinmbo Omoye equally accused Aiyedatiwa of total disloyalty, but he failed to mention that Akeredolu relegated the office of the Deputy Governor and Aiyedatiwa himself to the extent that he could not produce ordinary councillor of his own ward and House of Assembly member of his immediate constituency.

Adesinmbo Omoye was too forgetful to mention to the public when Aiyedatiwa led all the political appointees to pray for the quick recovery of Akeredolu. Furthermore, he was too dull to remember that Aiyedatiwa did not touch monthly security vote of Akeredolu throughout his three months medical vacation.

Alabi Johnson.
Spokesperson, O.L.I

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