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APC Chieftain lambasts Akeredolu’s Aide over comments against Aiyedatiwa 

by Roving

My attention has been drawn to the response of one Oladoyin Odebowale to the apology tendered by the Deputy Governor of Ondo State, H. E. Lucky Aiyedatiwa and the errors committed by him (Odebowale).

It is so sad that Ondo State has descended so low to this extent where one foreigner who is yet to be re-engaged after been sacked at the University of Ibadan is the one responding to issues on behalf of the ODSG. Is this how gullible we have become in this state?


Thank God I’ve got friends who are high priests of the Ogboni confraternity and who are conscious of themselves and have respect for human dignity unlike this so called “high priest” Odebowale.

  1. Oladoyin Odebowale is not and has never been a member of the APC either in Ondo State or in Ogun State where he hails from. As such does not have the impetus to speak either on behalf of the ODSG nor the party in government in Ondo State to the extent of discountenanting the apology tendered by the Deputy Governor.
  2. Odebowale not being a politician but the devil behind the sales of falsehood to the Governor and his household in order to instigate him against his Deputy for political gains is the mastermind of the whole Impeachment saga.
  3. This same man who doesn’t have anything to loose if Ondo State is set on fire, is obviously not ready to give in to settlement between the Governor and his Deputy. He has constantly moved to create more arms than meet the eye. One of his actions is the disruption of the Press Conference organised by the Ondo Liberation Initiative, O.L.I, where he had mobilised Okada riders against the press.
  4. I want to believe that Odebowale’s constant efforts to come between the Governor and his Deputy is been masterminded by himself and his cohorts in the corridors of Power in order to continue to reap off the Ondo people in the coming government. These people are actually on the voyage of installing another government so that they (Odebowale and cohorts) can perpetuate themselves in power.
  5. Odebowale has been a constant trouble maker and a bully in Ondo State who has been insulting the sensibility of the people of Ondo State. Example is the programme on TVC where he insulted all the political leaders of the entire Southern region of the state. He has constantly insulted the monarchs of this state at will. He has physical abused and bullied a pregnant woman here in Ondo State. I want to believe that there’s no indigene of this state that will insult an Oba or assault another man’s wife like Odebowale. Odebowale never played politics in Ondo State, never worked as politicians who worked without gains in the Aketi’s government in but was brought in as a friend of the governor and so should allow his operations to be within that limit.
  6. As it stands today, the Deputy Governor is the highest political office holder in Ondo State and hence should deserve the respect of Odebowale and cohorts.

I hereby call on the people of the Ondo state to resist Odebowale and his senseless accusation of the Deputy Governor. As it is today, it is the Deputy Governor that comes after the Governor in the scheme of things. He should be bold to go and play all these anki-panky games in Ogun State where he hails from. We call on the security agencies to call this man to order in other not to set Ondo State ablaze by his provocational utterances. Because if it happens today Odebowale will run away.

Let’s be conscious of this deceiver!

Engr. Alabi Johnson

Ondo APC Chieftain

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