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Those Passing Vote of Confidence in Akeredolu have No Sense – Sowore, Obe react

by Roving

...We Don’t Have Issues With Gov Akeredolu

The two Commissioners, whose signatures were missing in the vote of confidence in Governor  Akeredolu have reacted on why they could not append their signatures on the document.

33 out of the 35 state executive council members had on Thursday signed the document while two did not.

They are Commissioner for energy and minerals resources, Razak Obe and Commissioner for commerce Industry and cooperatives , Samson Sowore.

Reacting, Obe, Commissioner for Energy explained that he was not carried along by other members.

He said “I’m in Lagos as I speak to you. I left Akure yesterday to attend a conference and I communicated that to the Chief of Staff before I left.

“So later, they were asking for my signature to be appended on a document, they called it vote of confidence and I said that could somebody share a copy with me so that I will know before my signature will go in.

“The person who reached me to send the electronic signature said he didn’t have it, so someone is asking me to drop my signature on a document that I don’t have knowledge about it at all, so I did not send the signature.

“No executive meeting was held, nothing like that. So I was careful dropping my signature on a document that I didn’t know about it. The document I’m seeing now that they put out if I saw that, I would have happily appended my signature.”

On his part, Mr Akin Sowore, in charge of cooperatives, stated that “The  point is that I’m not around in the state, the vote passed by the members of the cabinet in the state in a situation like this does not count, because in the first place we are the appointees of Mr. Governor, we can’t even say that we don’t have confidence in him.

“Anybody that doesn’t have confidence in government have to resign, so by pushing vote of confidence, as far as I’m concerned, it does not make sense. We don’t have power to remove the Governor as members of the cabinet.

“So passing vote of confidence on Governor in the first place does not add anything to Mr. Governor. So it is the work of those desperate politicians in the State in order to create crisis when there is no crisis.

“I don’t have any issues with the Governor, and he is our Governor in the state. In fact in the first place, they don’t allow the man to rest. There was no exco meeting. The Governor is far away in Ibadan and the Deputy is embattled, and far away in Abuja. So nobody to chair the Executive meeting in the State.

“Even if I’m around I would not have  signed because I’m supposed to tell them what they are supposed to do.  No Exco meeting had been held except during the period the Deputy Governor was acting.

“But since the Governor  resumed duty on 7th September, 2023, no Exco meeting has been held.”

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