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You have violated constitution on Aiyedatiwa- Ondo Elites tell Tinubu, Assembly

by Roving

Some elites in Ondo State have kicked against the resolution that asked the Deputy Governor of Ondo State, Hon Lucky Aiyedatiwa to sign a post-dated letter of resignation.

The elites under the auspices of Concerned elites of Ondo State including Dr. Olanrewaju Akeredolu and Chief Adeola Fagbayibo said the resolution reached with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu with gladiators in the politics of the State that asked unelected people to monitor elected official is contrary to the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Hon Olamide Oladiji had said Aiyedatiwa is to submit an undated letter of resignation to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu as part of efforts to stop the impeachment move against him.

Oladiji said the Secretary to State Government (SSG), Chairman of All Progressives Congress (APC), Ade Adetimehin and are to monitor the compliance with the resolutions reached with President Tinubu on the political imbroglio rocking the State.

However, the elites said the Speaker goofed about the resolution read on the floor of the Assembly and that the President could not have given an order that contradicted the letter and spirit of the constitution.

His words “We have noticed that Mr. Speaker, for reasons known to him, deliberately twisted facts to suit a certain interest by asserting that there was no agreement to transfer power to the Deputy Governor, Hon Lucky Aiyedatiwa, following the prolonged absence of Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN.

“While reading the major conditions of status quo put forward at the meeting – which include retaining the cabinet, Assembly leadership, and party leadership as currently constituted in the State – Mr. Speaker refused to mention that those conditions were hinged on Aiyedatiwa gaining acting governorship status.

“It is common knowledge that a Deputy Governor does not have the constitutional power to dissolve the State Executive Council. That power is vested in the Governor and can only be exercised by the Deputy Governor if he is Acting Governor.

“The question that the people of Ondo State should ask Mr. Speaker is: if the directive of Mr. President is for Aiyedatiwa not to be named Acting Governor, why then was he made to issue a commitment not to dissolve the cabinet or change the leadership of the Assembly and Party? If he remains as Deputy Governor, does he have the power to dissolve the cabinet?

“For the sake of clarity, the President indeed maintained that Akeredolu remains Governor and Aiyedatiwa remains his deputy. However, since the absence of the Governor has been prolonged and a vacuum created, the Assembly was asked to give Aiyedatiwa the power to act as Governor pending the return of Akeredolu to office.

“The Speaker mentioned that Aiyedatiwa was asked by the President to sign an undated resignation letter but Mr. Speaker refused to mention that that commitment was predicated on the Deputy Governor becoming Acting Governor. The undated resignation letter was to serve as insurance in case he refused to relinquish power upon the return of Akeredolu to office.

“When Mr. President ‘appointed’ the Speaker, the Party chairman, and the SSG to act as monitors of the implementation of the resolutions reached, their job was to ensure that Aiyedatiwa as Acting Governor does not deviate from the resolutions. There is absolutely nothing to monitor in a Deputy Governor who has no constitutional powers.

“We therefore insist that Mr. Speaker has breached the resolutions by churning out half-truths in an attempt to delay or abort the implementation of the directive of Mr. President. The suspicious decision to hurriedly screen and approve 66 people into LG/LCDAS interim administration within a few hours today points in that direction.

“While the Deputy Governor is not desperate to assume the status of Acting Governor and will play his part in maintaining peace and order in the State, it is imperative to let the people know those who are intent on scuttling the efforts of Mr. President and well-meaning stakeholders in restoring peace to our beloved State.

“The issue in Ondo state presently seems beyond ordinary with the actions demonstrated by lawmakers and the executives.

It is unclear to the people of the state whom they claim to be representing how the lawmakers will abandon their core duty of bringing an acting governor on board now that it is clear that the governor is incapacitated.

“Is Mr Speaker not aware of the illegality of this move? Are they assuming that we did not know that Akeredolu did not sign any of such documents before departing Nigeria for Germany in April on health grounds? Why this connivance?

“Everyone expects the lawmakers to, as soon as they are back from Abuja, work on the doctrine of necessity as provided in the constitution without any incumbrances. The question begs for an answer why do the speaker and the lawmakers prefer to be playing on the emotions of Ondo citizens?

‘As the news of President Tinubu’s intervention in the logjam brokered, the people rejoiced with the hope that the people at the corridor of power within the state will burry their hatchet in honour of Mr. President in the interest of the citizens but these demonstrations are contrary. Why will the speaker entertain the request of Babajide and Adetimehin at this healing moment in the state?

“The drift should face out whatever can incite or reignite crisis. The appointment of a caretaker committee for local government will engender a new kiosk. Taking such a decision now is tantamount to disrespect for the President and all other leaders across the country who waded into the matter.

“Since Mr Speaker cannot honour the president by avoiding anything that can broker new crisis then the time for all the meaningful people of Ondo state to rise and repel the move of the speaker is now. His actions are unwholesome for the good people of the Ondo state.

“This action of Mr Speaker and his team is a Rape of Democratic governance, an obvious slap to Mr President and the National Chairman of APC, a complete display of lack of personal Integrity.”

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