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Aiyedatiwa: Is everything now fine with Ondo State ?

by Roving

Guess now that power has been transmitted, everything is now fine with Ondo State.

I would like to know how the Governor intends to resolve most of the problems affecting the quality of service delivery from Government, considering that he is also much interested in challenging other contenders for the gubernatorial ticket of his party in less than 4 months.

Like I said a few weeks ago, the bulk of the agitations for power has largely been for political opportunism masked as agitation for good governance which has been proven by the sudden “disappearance” of our call for action with respect to the lapses seen in government actions. Are the streets now cleaner?

Is the government now doing what is expected? Has the recruitment process for administrators suddenly changed from the callous reward system of gifting power to cronies?

We all know that the Governor would be more political now and that governance would take the back seat, because the focus of government would be on retaining power for the incumbent.

I dare say that it’s not yet uhuru but we have all suddenly become more quiet as we seek the opportunity to replace the injustices of people we agitated against with ours.

Unfortunately, we are a very fickle people with an entrenched love for drama and a deep disrespect for the value of process and order. We just love to be promised things without empirical data and a well though-out process of execution.

(1) How does the government intend to bring this ‘enhanced welfare’ to the people in a sustainable and fund-able manner?

(2) How does government intend to deal with the issue of low productivity in the public service?

(3) How does the Governor intend to deliver on good governance now that he is expected to be very busy with politicking for his gubernatorial ambition?

(4) Where is the funding for this enhanced welfare coming from?

(5) How do we intend to institutionalize the process of getting this enhanced package to the people in a sustainable manner that would ensure that not just a few are benefitted but all?

Like the agitation for palliatives, which has now become another testament to the people’s lack of understanding of why government is failing, we are not asking the right questions when elected officials make promises.

Our individual ajeniruistic tendencies and hope for crumbs from the table of those in power, is driving us to set aside our duty to question for an opportunity to be seen as an “alright sir!” person.

The critical question to ask is HOW? The Executive Arm of Government keeps playing lottery with our collective sense while placing handicap bets on our inability to see/hear/demand the truth.

May GOD help Ondo State.

Zadok Akintoye ™

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