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Your service to Ondo remains point of reference – Akinsuroju extols Akinterinwa

by Roving

A Tribute to Honourable Wale Akinterinwa, the Ondo State immediate former Commissioner for Finance, A Steward of Financial Excellence.

In honoring the remarkable service of Hon. Wale Akinterinwa, we celebrate not just a politician, but a visionary finance commissioner whose tenure has left an indelible mark on our state government.

Speaking of his immense contributions, which includes the following immeasurable attributes, such as his Financial Prowess, that over the years, helped to stem the tide of Ondo State financial capacity, Hon. Akinsuroju in a statement, spoke glowingly of Hon. Akinterinwa’s contributions to the development of Ondo State.

Hon. Wale Akinterinwa, displayed exceptional financial acumen, steering our government through economic challenges with prudence and foresight.

His transparency and accountability, remains a point of reference, in the annals of our history, as he remains a beacon of transparency.

Hon. Wale Akinterinwa, championed accountability in financial matters, ensuring that public funds were utilized efficiently and responsibly.

His strategic Fiscal Policies and implementations, contributed to the economic growth and stability, laying the groundwork for a prosperous future, that has brought us this far.

Under Hon. Wale Akinterinwa’s watch, the Infrastructure Development of Ondo State government funds were allocated judiciously to critical infrastructure projects, enhanced the overall development of our communities in the State.

As a compassionate leader, he directed financial resources of the state towards social welfare programs, demonstrating an exceptional commitment to the well-being of our residents and citizens.

Hon. Akinterinwa’s innovative approach to financial management has been able to set a precedent, fostering an environment of continuous improvement within the finance sector.

Hon. Wale Akinterinwa worked collaboratively with stakeholders, building bridges between government agencies, private sectors, and  communities, for a harmonious and prosperous society.

Hon. Wale Akinterinwa’s legacy is not just one of the balanced budgets and economic growth, but that of an astute politician who served with integrity, leaving a lasting impact on the financial landscape of our dear Sunshine State.

Today, I Hon. Nelson Akinsuroju, Ondo State Member House of Assembly, representing the good people of Ileoluji/Okeigbo Constituency, join other well meaning citizens and residents of Ondo State, as we celebrate Hon. Wale Akinterinwa, let us reflect on the strides made, the challenges overcome, and the path paved for our future financial leaders.

The echoes of his meritorious service will continue to resonate for years to come, inspiring a new generation of public servants, dedicated to financial excellence.

In gratitude and admiration for the exceptional service rendered by Hon. Wale Akinterinwa, may his journey ahead be as enriching and impactful as his tenure, in the realm of financial management, in Ondo State.

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