There was a confusion on Saturday in Akure, the Ondo State Capital when an official of the FRSC allegedly hit a pregnant woman on Ilesa-Akure-Owo highway which led to serious bleeding .

An eyewitness confirmed that the woman, a passenger going to Owo from Osun state, had previously lost two pregnancy.

The woman, according to the witness, had been rushed to a popular hospital in Akure, while the driver and the FSRC official who allegedly hit the expectant mother are now with the police for investigation.

He said, “I received a call few mins ago from an eye witness. According to him, a FRSC official stopped a bus (public transport). Unfortunately, two tankers were coming from opposite directions. Because of this, he didn’t stop to avoid an accident and continued till he could park at a safe place.

“This infuriated the officers who gave a chase. They caught up with the driver who was about parking. They pulled him out of the bus which infuriated the passengers that the driver did the right thing and should be praised instead of arresting him.

“This led to a face off between the passengers and the officers. In all of this, the driver didn’t say a word or argue with them. Some okada riders took laws into their hands and challenged the officers. One of them hit an officer.

“A pregnant woman was in the bus who also challenged the officers. One of the officers unfortunately pushed her and she fell and started bleeding.

The driver has been arrested by a team from Anti Scorpion for no offence. The place is still rowdy as at the time he called me.

“He (the eyewitness) is willing to be a witness and testify against the officers for being unprofessional. According to him, the PRO of the FRSC came around and was professional in handling the case unlike the other officers.

“The case is messy and pathetic really. The woman in question has lost two pregnancies before now and she has been looking for the fruit of the womb.

“According to one of the passengers, it was because of her they went to Osun state for the program to pray for her. It was the pastor’s wife seated in front that was being dragged out of the bus by the Officers that made the other passengers in the bus (who are her church members) react angrily.

“The eye witness claims the woman was kicked in her stomach by one of the Road safety officers. He is willing to testify and produce more witnesses. He witnessed everything first hand,” it was gathered.

A youth activist also said “the husband of the pregnant woman called, he initially said he didn’t know where they took his wife, but later called it was Joe Jane hospital. I hope she is fine.”

Source: Sunshinetruth

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