The Labour Party (LP) candidate in February, 2023 general election, Mr Peter Obi on Saturday visited Akure, the Ondo State capital to seek the support of the people of Ondo State ahead of the presidential election next month.

He said his counterpart in All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s allegation that he was stingy as true but not corrupt.

Tinubu had said last Saturday in Akure that Obi is stingy to have save money when he was governor of Anambra State instead of developing the state.

Earlier, the National Secretary of Afenifere, Hon Sola Ebiseni had described Obi as the best for Nigeria to achieve equity and fairness in the country.

Obi, who was in Akure, the State capital today for the continuation of his campaign rally, admitted being stingy but not corrupt as other major presidential candidates in the country.

Tinubu had said “Obi has a chance to show up a progressive when he was a governor of Anambra state, all he could do was to boast that he save money when he was the Governor of Anambra state. Obi has nothing to be proud of instead he made people of Anambra cry and he claimed to be party labour leader. It is only a wicked father that will safe money when his children is staving. The people of Anambra are starving and you claim you are saving money, that is wickedness.”

But today in Akure while reacting, Obi who was making reference to the allegation that he was stingy, said it was through his stinginess that he was able to save $156 Million Dollars for Anambra State government without owing any bank, contractor or financial institution despite the sorry state he met the state when he came as governor.

He also threw jab at the APC presidential candidate as somebody without antecedent or background that he could be proud of.

He said he and his running mate, Senator Ahmed Datti are people with traceable background unlike others whose real names, schools they attended and parenthood cannot be traced.

His words “We will support small businesses if elected as president. Nigerians will be proud of their country. We will secure this country. The whole South of Ondo State has not seen electricity for several years, how can there be development?

“We want to fight corruption. I am stingy, but I am not corrupt and that is why I was able to save for the people of Anambra. We want people who can save for the country.  Don’t vote for tribe, if they say it is their turn, tell them it is your turn to take back the country. Don’t mind those who said it is their turn. We are ready to save the country. This election is about character. You know our background, the school we went, we don’t know to their age.”

“We want our children are in school to graduate at record time. A four-year course should be four years.  We don’t want out youth to run away again. I will fight corruption. Go to Anambra State , I left money there. I didn’t steal their money. We must remove these people that brought us into this sorry state. We will recruit police and military and insure them so that they can lay their lives for the country.

“The entire Nigeria is not secured, people are living in suffering and hunger. We want to secure and unite Nigeria. We want to move Nigeria from consumption to production. No more schools strikes. We will support small businesses. No Nigerians will leave his or her community because of insecurity. We guarantee you that insecurity will stop. We want to fight corruption. We will make sure that we have electricity.

“They said that I’m stingy, we want stingy people now so that we can keep the money. We want to make sure we use your money to transform the country. This election that is coming now, don’t vote for anybody because of tribe but vote for someone that will move the country forward.

“We don’t want anybody to say that it is my turn, we want to change Nigeria for better. Our children will be in school, we don’t want people to run out of Nigeria again. We want to restructure Nigeria for development. We want to build a better Nigeria, so go out and support us.

“So go and pick your PVCs and vote for Labour Party and make sure that they count the vote. I am the only Governor that left good money,” Obi said.

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One reply on “I am Stingy But Not Corrupt – Obi replies Tinubu”

  • Nuelsymbol
    January 15, 2023 at 10:36 am

    Ordinarily Obi should have been Candidate for obvious reason of Age, if to say Nigrria is a Nation . Yoruba carried Jonathan shoulder high to Aso Rock. He got there he suddenly became Ebele Azikwe. Those who told him ” No Vacancy in Aso Rock” when Yoruba was in the Sun on Protest for were his favorite while the Children of Yorubas , were starved to the highest level.When He settled in Aso Rock, Ibo were eating with oil dropping on their Chests. It is the same Episode for Buhari. A week ago, the Achievements of Buhari in North East were published . For Comparison Sake let Buhari publish his performance in Yoruba Land apart , perhaps, Lagos Area. He should point to anything in Ekiti, and Ondo States especially. Omo eni ibasunhon, Omo eni iba buru, Omo eni , ni Omo eni. From all available glaring Facts, Obssanjo served as a Nigerian. He was never belongs to any Religion- that is Yoruba. Only Yoruba is the Nigerian we want. How many Fulani . Hausa and Yoruba are progressing in the East.?


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