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This afternoon after church service, I reflected on Murphy’s death and the two others earlier recorded this year in ÌbΓ dΓ n and scribbled this short article. Someone had asked why this is getting rampant. Here’s my response.

The use of tiles is the main issue here. While tiles are part of modernity and status statements, they could be messengers of death.

We all use ceramic tiles to cover walls and floors of bathrooms for aesthetics and neatness of the bathing environment.

However, there are safety concerns about the use of tiles. These concerns are majorly about the surface of the floor tiles, proper use of tiled floor, proper maintenance of the floor and safe attitude of the human.

Many just buy tiles based on aesthetics, leaving out the safety nature necessary to also consider. Some tiles aren’t of the right specifications. Many don’t know this. Some are floor tiles are for outdoor purposes. Some come with rough or pimpled surfaces. Many aren’t aware of these elements.

There are also mats that could help to improve the friction between the feet and the floor. Also, many don’t know this.

Also, when soapy, foamy, shampoo substances are used in the bathroom, special care needs to be taken, as these things make the floor more slippery making a fall or a slip more imminent.

Also to be considered is the right foot wears for the bathroom. Not all flipflops (slippers) are tile – friendly. We need the ones with good grips that would increase friction between our feet and the floor.

I won’t forget to mention this. Having metal railings around the bathroom walls may also help. They could help while one is on a free fall or during a slip. Such iron/metal bars might come handy in maintaining balance during a fall if the consciousness is still there.

For bathrooms in hotels, we should also be safety conscious. While high grade hotels have safety materials and codes, most hotels don’t bother about safety. So, let’s still be responsible for our safety while away from home.

Many have been lucky to have only got temporarily injured after slips and falls. Some have had permanent injuries. Many have died from such mishaps.

Therefore, we all need to consider these safety issues even as we try to purchase comfort for ourselves in our homes.

Regular washing of tiled floors is also very necessary.

May we not bring death emissaries into our homes by ourselves.

Samson Akindele, the General Manager, Fresh FM, Ibadan

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