*** You are scavenging for Rots– Ondo govt tells PDP

The People’s Democratic Party PDP in ondo state on Friday said it has uncovered plans by the state government to demolish the Shoprite building at Igbatoro road in Akure.

The party stated this while reacting to the demolition of the state trade Fair complex in Akure by the state government.

A statement by the party’s spokesman, Kennedy Peretei and made available to Roving Reporters Online said: “In his trademark sadism, Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu, SAN has brought wailing and tears to Ondo State entrepreneurs who are tenants of the Ondo State government, at the popular Trade Fair Complex, located at Igbatoro road, Akure.

“It all started like a joke, when on 24th March, 2022, occupants of business premises in the Trade Fair Complex received a Notice to Quit the complex within 14 days.

“Efforts to seek audience with the Honourable Commissioner for Commerce, Industry and Cooperative Services, Mrs Lola Fagbemi yielded no results.

“The businessmen also approached a lawyer to write to the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, explaining the illegality of the actions of the state government, all to no avail.

“Then, on Thursday, 7th April, 2022, when the 14-day Quit Notice was said to have expired, three State Commissioners, led by the Commissioner for Works, Land and Housing, Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice and Commissioner for Commerce, Industry and Cooperative Services accompanied by the Surveyor General of the State, all arrived Igbatoro road to demolish the buildings.

“Even in the most lawless of societies, such level of lawlessness is unthinkable.

“In a civil servant state where the workers are yet to receive November, 2021 salary, the few who provide employment and helping to energise the economy are being traumatised for no just cause.

“The bulldozer that was initially assigned to pull down the structures was unable to deliver on the assignment, hence, an excavator had to be deployed to reduce to rubbles businesses that are struggling to survive in a very inclement economy.

“From the accounts of some entrepreneurs who watched helplessly as their means of livelihood got crushed by the roaring equipment, they invested more than 70 million naira to upgrade the entire premises to what it is now.

“The funds so invested were converted to rents for them, with some having more than three years unexpired rents.

“More than 100 businesses risk being extinguished if Akeredolu succeeds to pull through with this anti-people exercise.

“While the official explanation for the demolition is the plan of government to convert the entire place to a “Business District”, there are reports that Akeredolu’s  Heir Apparent, Babajide, had bought up the place for some of his phony projects.

“For a lawyer of Mr. Governor’s standing, does he require a lawyer to explain to him that, annual tenants can not be ejected with a 14-day notice? Did he give any consideration to the families of those who own businesses in the place?

“Are the people behind this illegality aware of the economic implications of their actions to the state?

“If indeed, the government is desirous of establishing a Business District, is the Trade Fair the most suitable place in Akure? Why does  Governor Akeredolu always take joy in making people cry?

“What is really urgent about establishing a Business District that, your tenants of over fifteen years have to quit within 14 days? 

“I also have it on good authority that, a similar notice was given to Shoprite, which is also in the same vicinity of the Trade Fair.

“Will Akeredolu pull down Shoprite as well in pursuit of the new Business District?

“Does Akeredolu and his cohort  know how many families have their daily survival tied to the existence of Shoprite? In five years of the All Progressives Congress (APC) led government of Akeredolu, there has been nothing to jubilate about in the State.

“There are frightening statistics of deaths occasioned by inability of ordinary people to buy drugs or pay hospital bills. Most homes are on edge, as parents are unable to provide basic needs for their families. The few that are struggling to remain afloat are the ones being chased around with bulldozers.

“Amongst the businesses being threatened, there is a Training Institute valued at about *100* million naira, fitted with modern equipment, laptops, furniture and personnel drawn from across Nigeria.

“Ondo State should not be in the news for the wrong reasons. Akeredolu should look elsewhere to establish his business district.”


The attention of the Ondo State Government has been drawn to yet another press release from the opposition PDP.

This time around, the focus is on the planned demolition of the long abandoned Trade Fair Complex along Igbatoro Road, Akure to pave way for a befitting Central Business District.

In further dive into self-ridicule, the opposition PDP made an insiduous reference to an alleged plan by the Ondo State Government to demolish Shoprite. This clearly represents colossal failure on the part of a supposed political party.

While Government concedes to the PDP its right to ride along the path of perfidy as always, it remains the uncompromising responsibility of Government to alert the public of mischief under any guise.

With reference to the demolition of the Trade Fair Complex, Government enjoins residents of the State to ignore the ruined PDP and its incoherently spewed dis-information.

For the avoidance of doubt, tenants in the complex had been given an ample opportunity of Notice prior to the demolition exercise even as Government is not unmindful of the puerile efforts of some hired cronies of enthrenched interests.

Yet, our desire to turn the moribund Trade Fair Complex which had since transmuted to a criminals’ hideout to a fruit-bearing business hub remains unwavering.

We shall engage all stakeholders, especially potential private investors to bring to fruition, our desires to wrought development on our people.

In the case of the alleged plan to demolish Shoprite, residents of the State are enjoined to confine this mischief replete with inaccuracy, to the dustbin. Shoprite, even as as it remained the only known inherited investment, will rather be given a more befitting ambience beef-up.

Instructively, Shoprite, without prejudice, serves as the precursor to the planned Central Business District which hosts the following: proposed Five Star Hotel, the novel Entrepreneurs’ Village, Revenue House, the envisaged Business Hub with varied degrees of luxuries, development comforts and others in the pipeline along that strait.

Our plans for development, especially through credible investment drives shall remain on an enviable cruise throughout the tenure of the Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu (SAN)-led administration. No amount of falsehood and blackmail will be given a chance to play any role.

It is, therefore, unfortunate that PDP has again, offered itself to remain the undertaker scavenging for permanent rots. On our part, the present administration desires not to seek an unpleasant place in history as a conveyance belt to discourage investment and disincentive for development. May God not allow today’s selfish, cunning decisions against the people of the State to hunt us tomorrow.

Donald Ojogo
Commissioner for Information and Orientation
Ondo State.

April 8, 2022

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