Senator Ajayi Boroffice And Horde Of Betrayers

By Clement Olagunju

This is the season. It is a season of politicking. A season of misinformation, falsehood and outright lies. A season of mudslinging. It is a season when butterflies call themselves birds. A season when ordinary persons play God. A season when Mr. nobody feels more important than Mr. somebody simply because he has a vote to cast. It is really an interesting season.

It is the belief of many people that politics is a dirty game. That is why some decent people run away from it. But is politics on its own dirty? No, politics is not dirty but it is some players of the game that are dirty. They are the ones that tarnish the game.

Is it not a disservice to the country for decent people to shun politics because they don’t want their white garments to attract stains? Yes, it is. It is the thinking such as this that lured people like Senator Ajayi Boroffice into the murky waters of politics.

Senator Boroffice had reached the apex of his academic career before considering joining politics. He was not driven into the game by hunger or any thirst for recognition. He was already a recognised academic and scientific researcher in both the national and international circles before joining politics. So, his motivation for entering into the political field is purely patriotic and nationalistic.

It must be acknowledged that since he joined politics, God has been faithful to him. He has been enjoying divine favour and grace. For about 11 years now, Senator Boroffice has been representing the people of Ondo North Senatorial District in the National Assembly. This could only be ascribed to God’s grace. You can only have what God gives to you. If He doesn’t give it to you, you cannot have it.

Also by the grace of God, Senator Boroffice has deployed his mandate and influence to change the story of his senatorial district for better. He has brought a lot of development to the district. This is the reason his people keep on opting for his representation.

However, an ant is bigger than your elephant in the eyes of your enemies. You should not expect your political opponents to see your achievements and sing your praises. That is a rarity in this environment of adversarial politics.

One allegation against Senator Boroffice is that he has not done anything for his senatorial district in the past 11 years. The allegation is being levelled by some persons with a nauseating sense of entitlement, insatiable appetite and endless requests for financial assistance.

May I note that it is the people of the senatorial district that can sincerely measure the performance and achievements of the senator, not those who measure performance and achievements of political office holders only on the scale of personal material gains. The horde of betrayers who are behind the allegation are wallowing in self-deceit if they think their lies will change the narrative of the robustness, productiveness and purposefulness of Senator Boroffice’s representation.

Nobody is stopping them from embarking on their latest misadventure of unfairness. It is within the precinct of their rights. I know that the people of the senatorial district will surely decide if it is fair enough for the governor of the state and the senator from the Northern Senatorial District to come from the same town.

Another allegation against Senator Boroffice is that he influenced the appointment of Dennis Fadairo, a.k.a FADA, as the Director of Administration to the President of the Senate. Fadairo is from Akure, the Ondo state capital. The argument of those peddling the allegation is that the position should have been given to an Akoko person.

For the education and enlightenment of these people, Senator Boroffice is the deputy leader of the Senate. As a principal officer of the National Assembly, he belongs to everyone, especially from the Southwest. So, what’s bad in recommending Fadairo for an appointment? There are several people from different states and zones working with the Senate President. Why is that of Fadairo an issue? Senator Boroffice is known for promoting young people irrespective of where they come from. Is that attitude not good for emulation?

Senator Boroffice has no fewer than 250 aides across the six Local government areas in Ondo North. No person from Akure or any other town outside Ondo North among them. The aides are all form Akoko, Owo and Ose.

Among the aides are Ade Ajanaku, Chief of Staff from Akoko, he is the head of Senator Boroffice’s staff in his office; Joshua Ale, personal Assistant, from Akoko; Fesojaiye Hassan, Special Assistant, from Akoko; Sunday Agbede, Legislative Aide, from Akoko; and Mrs. Bunmi Obamoluwa, Secretary, from Owo. So, what’s the fuss about the appointment of Fadairo by the Senate President on the recommendation of Senator Boroffice based on his qualifications and pedigree?

At a time when some of these people were betraying and abandoning Senator Boroffice, Fadairo stayed with him. The Senator has touched the lives of virtually all of these ungrateful elements. After collecting N5million from Senator Boroffice shortly after the 2019 general elections, a so-called DG felt he deserved all the contracts in the World from the senator. What more could the senator have done for a fellow whom he once sponsored his election into the House of Representatives?

These people should stop pretending that they are fighting for the people. They are merely fighting for their pockets. If their new friend can no longer satisfy their huge appetite, it is certain that they will vote with their legs. Their loyalty is as fleeting as a shadow.

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2 replies on “Senator Ajayi Boroffice And Horde Of Betrayers”

  • Yaya Adelakun
    April 22, 2022 at 7:35 am

    All the defences are Lori iro. The man has outlived his usefulness. How can you retain all same Aides for 11 years without considering other people that worked for you and only engaged them during elections? What has happened to our constituency allowances for the past years while other Senators are empowering their constituents? It is not only the DG that has factors against the sitting Senator but of his people. It is the coming primary that will determine whether he is still popular with his people or not.

  • Dprince
    April 22, 2022 at 10:05 am

    Oga you write up is full of deceit, awkward and Vacuous pls can also identify numbers of youth was gainfully employed by your use and dumb Senator? As Compares to others like Allover, pls most project that your incomplete project Senator embark on how many of this project is functioning? You are here sporting rubbish from your gullible mouth, anyway you are doing your peanut work, I had you talk about the people from Ondo North we decide right, pls oga Ade can you tell your use and dumb Senator Ajayi to call a town hall meeting to give stewardship Account in his home town before other places and let see the result, Mr senseless writer pls can come out fully to present this your statement on behalf of your paymaster oniranu.


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